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Generative Story

This piece is the story of four different short stories coming together as a whole. The story of an Evil Eye is the introduction. The journey of Phyllotaxis is the following, then Lorenz lost in the noise maze will take up the third scene. The penultimate of this story is about the pliable grid.Finally, The farewell of Phyllotaxis will generate the final art piece.



The first scene is inspired from the Turkish lucky charm "Evil eyes". The point of this story is to augment the possibility of this object. The object is believed to guarding the bearer away from all those evils but the object is too static which leaving me a doubt that those evils would be scared. The increasing of the size of eyes at the same the constant change of the color should give an uncomfortable feeling to those demons. Furthermore, the rotating baton around the eyes not only represent as a weapon to fight the demon but also using as a hypnotizing tool. This way the eyes is more effective as a humankind guardian.

The second story was started from 137.5 degrees, this is the degree that being use in the Phyllotaxis equation. The journey starts as the normal circular geometric shape wandering in the polar coordinate. The step and the color changing along the journey leaving the mark of the history. When one lone circular gone, the new will replace but in the different pattern. The history being overwrite. What left is the mark of all those geometry warriors.

The Third scene is started noise building their own nest after the nest already finished the Blue Lorenz particles is invited as a visitor to explore the space. The exploration is a mess like a little kid full of curiosity jumping around the house.

The Grid scene coming as a breaking before the geometry warriors coming back and take over the last section of the video. This time they coming back with a different geometry to creating the new mark but still have the DNA from their parents.


Daniel Shiffman : Coding Challenge #30: Phyllotaxis 

Daniel Shiffman : Coding Challenge #12: The Lorenz Attractor in Processing




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