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produced by: Maria Święcicka

The focus of the project relates to the foundation and simplicity of the form of a given object - the cube. The idea was to underline the geometry defined by its three-dimensional symmetrical structure by limiting the projection to simple linear movement and colours. Usage of transitions, various configurations of coloured square shapes with different saturation, tone, shade and contrast illustrates a narrative illusion of smooth and fluid continuity. 



Since I remember I have been always amazed by the power of colour. I find it fascinating that it can be used as a visual language - a form of communication to express and convey meaning non-verbally. The simplicity and straightforwardness that speaks through colour in nature and the surrounding world is nothing but a feeling of pure realness, harmony and completeness. The three attributes of colour - hue, saturation and lightness are the most important components of our visual perception. Thanks to them we are capable to see an object and analyse its form and structure. 



The projection-mapped generative project was designed in open source C++ toolkit ‘Open Frameworks’ together with an installed extension, so called ‘addon’ named ‘ofxPiMapper’. The code was developed based on assignments and examples provided during workshops In Creative Coding as well as projects found on public online forums and dedicated websites. 

The first part of the projection starts slowly - with a smooth movement of three red squares of different shades sliding up on the black background of three surfaces of each cube. The variation of colour creates a three-dimensional illusion that imitates the depth of the object. The scene repeats with a contrasting green colour that eventually dips to black. Afterwards we can notice four squares arriving from different directions, each of them coloured in a varying tone of blue. After the third replay the composition changes its mood presenting a chaotic choreography of random colours. The entire display brightens and desaturates to black and white - ending the projection with the impression of a swinging light bulb. 




As a novice in coding, I found many difficulties on the way to achieve my final vision of the project, although I managed to adapt my basic knowledge to meet the assessment requirements. The nature of the code allows us to write one algorithm in an undefined number of methods which gives a lot of freedom and doesn’t limit anyone’s ability. Undoubtedly there was a better or faster way to approach the task but all the planned objectives were successfully accomplished. 



Video documentation was recorded with a phone  video camera and edited in Adobe Premiere. All the objects were created and set in my room. The background music was purchased via Bandcamp (Distope - 5y3g-4h28).



The art of color’ by Johannes Itten