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Aspen Art Award shortlists three of our graduates

written by Phoenix Fry

Three MA/MFA Computational Arts graduates have been shortlisted for the prestigious Aspen Online Arts Award 2016.

Angie Fang, Lior Ben Gai and Matilda Skelton Mace all graduated from Goldsmiths in 2015, following their degree show exhibition EXCEPT/0N.

Angie Fang is a UK-based Chinese digital artist who works in digital media, audio visual performance and interactive installations. Her online video work is created entirely in C++, making use of complex 3D OpenGL and digital signal processing techniques entirely of her own devising.

Her work focuses on the tension between sound, space and visual elements, and also the subtle experience between the technology synthesized and the reality. Her works, Nito , L-Pattern, Bud and Organic Flow were exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum; and the immersive installation Under the Water installed in Hotel Elephant gallery. Outside of her academic research, she also gained experience working for Studio XO and United Visual Artists.

Lior Ben Gai is an Israeli digital artist, working in various digital mediums since 2008. His work explores potential intersections between artificial life and synthetic biology, examining notions of ‘lab aesthetics’ whilst creating experiences that rely on his strong visual sense.

As an independent artist, Lior explores generative strategies and computational creativity to produce expressive software, animation and sound. He is emotionally drawn to computer generated graphics, strongly believes in project based learning and enjoys thinking about things he never thought about before. His commercial works include museum installations and exhibits, mobile games, web applications and custom interactive software.

Matilda Skelton Mace is a London-based artist and designer, working with the building blocks of reality, space, light, and geometric form. She creates her own interactive systems in C, C++, Processing, Java and HTML5.

Her work features strong use of projection and materials to transform physical space, creating sculptural interactive digital artworks. She is interested in the ‘in between’, exploring ideas of implied, imagined and virtual space, the dissonance that can arise between real and virtual and the way we perceive it. This year she was shortlisted for the HIX Award 2015 and has exhibited at galleries, nightclubs and festivals.