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In a virtual world, the possibilies of construction are nearly endless. So when you design a stage for a performance, who do you create something which highlights the possibilities of this world whilst staying true to the traditions of the old.

_chreeb X Keir Clyne


_chreeb.stageDesign hopes to find a harmony between stage design for dance as it traditionally has been, in theatres and concert halls whilst trying to push forward this medium into a virutal realm. With more and more dance becoming virtual with the likes of virtual performers like Hatsune Miku and Lil Miquela becoming more popular and more mainstream, this project sets it sites on creating a new possibility of what a stage could be.

Concept and background research

The concept of this work is relativly simple. It's one of precision over excess and as such I made sure to lead with a minimalist aestetic. Due to having a background in dance performance and chroreography I was able to draw from that knowledge to put forward a few simple concepts of a stage in a virtual space. Some are simple such as static stairs and a tier. Other are more complex like a calm wave and a more noisy wave.


The stage design itself was relativly simple, creating a grid which changes its height values depending on randomness algorithms. But the design of the dancer, _chreeb, was more complex. I attempted to minimise a dancers movement into just a few inputs to allow for a purer and cleaner movement on the dancers behalf. 

Future development

In terms of future development I think I could work more on different stage designs, possibly moving away from a grid formation and towards something more flexable and living. I think also adjusting the dancer to allow a more smooth transition between tiles would be a nice change, something I wasn't able to achive in the time alotted. 

Self evaluation .

Things that worked:

- The moving stages, I think the calm wave and the noisy wave look really great in animations and I wish I found a way to make them look better in the print.

- The dancer, _chreeb's range of movement was really fun to play with and I think I will be able to use this part in later projects


Things that didn't work:

- The transitions, movement between different stages by stage and dancer was abrupt and hard. I attempted adding smoother transitions but unfortunatly ran out of time at this part of the project

- Conversion from animation to print, I found it hard to find a sutible way to convay the movement of the work into a print form, and as thus opted for a randomly dispersed version instead. If I had more time I would work more in trying to find a way for the print to look better.