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Fantastic forest 

The fantastic forest is a generative installation to explore surrealism, quirky and trippy optical illusion, realized by a coded projection-mapping.

produced by: Ning Sun


The fantastic forest is a surrealism scene derive from my imaginary. An eye is generated in the scene to interact with the element in this forest. a dizzy and quirky piece of work projects in a weird geometrical shape combination. 

Concept and background research

Inspired by a kook forest in-game Zelda: breath of the wild where is an easily missable and confusing maze, I create an abstract forest with tons of 2d generative creature/landscape shape.

To create a trippy and quirky optical illusion by a changing eye is designed to increase the entropy and disorder of the forest. The aesthetic appearance is inspired by a lettering artist Mel Cerri. I love her exaggerative and visually striking colour and texture.


Mel Cerri (2018) CONFIDENT

Shape& Technical

In the beginning, I was attracted by the overlapped shape that would make things more interesting. However, the ofxPiMapping does not support the irregular shape so I refine the shape from figure 3 to figure4.

This generative art was programmed in Openframeworks(c++) with ofxPiMapping and ofxJSON addon. It is displayed on 3d geometry solid by the projector. The challenging part is projector can not focus on the surface with different distances so that makes some part of the projection is a blur. It solved if move the projector a little bit far away. Another issue is the colour from the projector has a big difference from my computer which is a great important issue for my work. the solution is to recalibrate colour to what I want.

Future development

The projection mapping was not accurate to the graphic details and some specific shape does fill well with my model. More interesting shape generation could be design in the further.

Self evaluation

Overall, my impression of my project is up to my expectation, I create a weird vision. Most of the scene I designed is achieved, and the more expressive scene could be displayed if I did not waste too much time on thinking the theme I want to create. I would like to well apply my designed shape and do something optical illusion( from one perspective)


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