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Love is a touch and yet not a touch

This title is the source of inspiration for my project.This sentence reflects people's attitude towards intimacy, most of them are eager for love, but there are some concerns and fears for deep communication. So I want to do an interactive distance sensing device installation to reflect this mentality.

produced by: Yiyan Lin


For most people, changes in psychological activity are particularly substantial in the face of a loved one, and different distances can lead to various heart rates or physiological changes. I tried to use the Arduino sensor and the led light in combination with the heart model to express this psychological change. Some studies show that everyone generally has a safe distance, most people are between 1 meter and 0.5 meters, if less than this distance, the mentality will change. If it's someone you have special feelings for, the closer you get, the faster your heart will beat, and the closer you get, the quicker your heart will beat. And I want to reflect that people want to love but are afraid to love. So when the distance is less than 0.1 meters the heart will sound an alarm, when it is less than 0.05 meters the alarm will stop, and the heart will not light up, like the kind of Looking forward to loving, but also afraid of injury, so finally choose to give up a self-protective mood.

I think it's a brave attempt to use technology to express emotion. It may not be a very poetic way to do it, but technology is a new form of expression. What computing has taught me is to use technology to create different possibilities I always remember the first class brainstorming, about feeling, and it was fun, so I used what I learned this semester to show people's mental activities, show their feelings.