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I use the red circles to represent the novel coronavirus, and the cubes represent the continents we live on. The novel cornavirus spread from one continent to another. This mimics the current state of Covid-19 in the world. 

produced by: Xinyu Zhang


The three cubes's backgrounds are are consisted of three different images. The virus, the lung and the mask repectively. These three words are super closely related to the novel coronavirus, and these three pictures represent the background of the Covid-19. The virus first emerged from one cube and then spread to the others.Eventually the virus disappears from all the cubes. It represents the expectation that people will defeat the virus.



I was inspired by this image. This is the medical staff working during Covid-19. In my project, I used the color of the virus itself——red, to represent it, and the color of the clothing worn by the medical staff——blue, as the main background color.

I draw some drafts to discribe the process of Covid-19.


Future development


I know, this project is not good and has a lot of aspect need develop. For instance, I should load some other images to change in ofxPiMapper rather than only one image as the background on every cube. And I will work on the perfection of the shape of virus. That means I should create coding more in details. In addition, this project does not have enough art-based and relative artists to support. As a consequence, I could search more information to find the artists who pay attention to this feild. Explore how they show the virus or other biology in computational art ways.


Self evaluation

In this project, I finished some basic functions, like for loops and if else. However, I realized that I my project is not perfect as a whole. For example, I did not load adundant images to change the background  in ofxPiMapper, and there were few changes in this project as a whole. I should use more other functions to optimize it. For instance, optimize the detail of virus, that means more created coding should be used. As well as I really want to make the red circles move according a certain route like the virus spread route in the real life. In conclusion, I should improve this project in many aspects.