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Mattern of pattern

Mattern of pattern is a projection mapping piece that aims to digitally present cross stitch patterns and bring them to life.

produced by: Miia Remahl

Concept / Inspiration

For my work, I was inspired by patchwork and different types of cross stitch patterns. I wanted to take the patterns usually used for patchworks or cross-stitching, turn them into digital art and add movement to them. I think that with cross-stitching patterns you can create visually very pleasing patterns and make pillows and different fabrics look much more interesting. Therefore, I decided to mimic the stitching patterns with rectangle shapes and see if the movement would make the pattern come to life.

For the colour, I was inspired by other people’s work at the creative coding course. During the exercise weeks many people used vibrant colours against dark surfaces and this to me created a nice contrast that I decided to use for this work as well.

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