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DecoSense Box 

This project is a decorative design enhancing the generative artwork I created in processing. It's using two digital touch sensor in order to turn on the lights inside of the box and then plays a melody. The lights and the melody vary each time we 'play' it. The second touch sensor increases the intensity of all LEDs and then the slowly 'dies out'.  Using a single sheet of transparent PVC and printing the artwork on tracing paper, the lights at the background create a fog-like effect. 

This project is a prototype of a long-term work in progress. It's a starting point of creating an artwork that enhances other artworks by engaging the audience with it. I would like to create a large scale frame/box that could be holding large canvases in front of it. By moving in front of it or touching certain areas, the artwork in front of us would blossom. It would be a beautiful symbiosis of the artificial machine and a human-made organic art. Alternatively, I would create interactive dance-floor like surface that people could walk on. Using all sort of sensors to start the visual generative art beneath us. 

In the next term I would like to include some kind of screen and transfer the solid printed art to it, therefore I would be able to connect both of the artwork to interact with the audience directly.

Generally speaking, this work is celebrating the idea of the art of the future. It brings the organic and the artificial together by combining them and interacting with the audience. Yet every experience remains unique.

DecoSense Box DesignDecoSense Box Design