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FunkyAtoms - AAVP

This is my portofolio for the AAVP module. The links provided are 4 smaller tasks as requested for the Term 1 assigment, showreeling basic audio and visual Creative Computing practises and a bigger project which I have named FunkyAtoms.

produced by: Theo Vlagkas

MajorProject zipped in GoogleDrive - Please access and download below:

Download the MajorProject Files

FunkyAtoms is an abstract audio visual project. The original atoms and their threads are being generated randomly in the screen and then noise & are added to make them move. I started working on the project firstly only on the visuals. The movement of the atoms and their threads have been initiated by my love for science and physics. The generative art ressembling that practise is something I find very intersting. The audio came after I have finished my visual part and gave grooviness and funkiness on my the atoms movement. For the sound part I have included many oscillators and different audio practises including filters, envelopes, synthesis techniques and other material taught in the AAVP module. The visuals while have a generative element, they also respond to one of the envelopes used to give the atoms rythm. 

Lastly, the 4 tasks showreel practises taught in class during the module. Task 1 is an FM + AM synthesis exploration. Task 2 purpose is to develop subtractive methods techniques and enhance filtering skills. Task 3 is a drum machine which uses oscillators to manipulate artistically some of its paremeters. Task 4 is a small audio visual project; visuals are completely driven by simpified  AM+FM sythesis techniques. 

Please find below a link to my google folder that you can find my 4 smaller tasks. Please note that everything has been created on OpenFrameworks so you will either have to move each project to your oF app folder or create new projects, include the Maxim addon and copy/paste the src folder material to your newly created app. For task 3 you will need to move in the bin folder of your project the data folder as it contains all the samples for the drum machine I bulit. 

4 DSP examples zipped in GoogleDrive - Please access and download below:

Download the Tasks Files