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Eventually, My Body Refuses To Follow Me

This project focuses on interaction between human and human, as well as human and machine to obvious the reaction from human and device through human's behavious and LEDs.

produced by: Qi Ba

Eventually, My Body Refuses To Follow Me 


The ‘habitat’ is looked as physical bodies in this project. Body is the most closed medium to human, body language is the most basic language in the world.


There are two layers in this work.

First one, LEDs as signals react the attitude when I am doing a decision through body language, like agreement and disagreement.

Second layer, it is about that if the attitude which has been represented is the real attitude. Body cannot lie. That is to say, body could not be controlled in most extreme situations. It is a type of fragile, but also a type of force. In other words, it looks like machine is being controlled by human, but actually human are being controlled by machine.


The device used as signals for reacting, reminding and modifying human’s movements. At the beginning, I thought the LEDs as traffic lights which are used to regular traffic sequence. As Kai Tuuri, Jaana Parviainen and Antti Pirhonen said, ‘This dimension basically concerns the question of how every piece of technological design ultimately participates in establishing and organising infrastructures that control people’s movements and embodied use of space…but rather, the creation of these infrastructures is an emergent process involving large groups of people.’(Kai Tuuri; Jaana Parviainen; Antti Pirhonen, 2017) That is to say, there would be some emergent situations in living spacing. For body as well. The emergent for body could be a situation when body has been to a physiological limit. The body could not support or follow brain to do something. In this situation, physiology is a kind of force or power.


Furthermore, the device is used as a proactive stuff to control human beings. It does that as well as by using physiological limit. Human beings are put into two uncomfortable situations. After people take on the hair pin, they only have two choices. But both of them would challenge human’s physiological limit. Especially the red LED with buzzer which could be used as a signal as well as a proactive controller. People couldn't tolerate the noise from buzzer for a long time. For example, in civilised society, when I am walking across the street, the traffic lights start to count down suddenly. It is a signal definitely. But it will change my walking speed more quickly. The reason why speed is changed is that traffic lights change its form into a more radical one. So in this situation, people become into a passive subject.


But eventually, all these signals and more proactive signal would be translated into internal representations?