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City Seasons

A projection work narratively visualises the basic, the cycle goes back and forth, endlessly.

By Jinyuan Li





Time is like dust in the air, or bubbles in the water, from dust to dust, from water to water. The cycle goes back and forth, endlessly. Like atoms, like the seasons, like trees, like flowers and plants, like the endless stream of traffic, like the daily life. City Seasons are not only the nature seasons, but also the human generation, the life, the self-refelction based on our part experience and history. Taking a breath, relaxing your mind, seeing what pictures wiil pop up in your mind when you see the projection.


Concept & Research Background

City Seasons can be viewed from the perspective of stream of consciousness, from the association of some things in daily life, other things imagined, and one's own experience. The past and the present are intertwined, the illusion is intertwined with the reality. Maybe you think of a rainy night, when you see the neon signs on the corner of the window, the jumping bright light bulbs are like this never-ending traffic. You might think that the countdown before the screening in the cinema is similar to this full-screen gray clock face with particles. Maybe you think of the texture of the stones on the seaside in a summer, the pattern of shells on the beach, or the jellyfish that you see in the sea, similar to this moving wave-like pattern. The shapes of petals and leaves are so similar, just change the color, the change will be different, and it also brings a different season association.




The project is based on C++ in Openframeworks with an addon ofXPiMapper. I used recursive, noise, imitating particles, etc. to narrative a streaam of consciousness. I also used mills() to controle each motion graphic time. I use three cubes for projection, because the projecting on physical object is not very clear, so I add the virtual projection at beginnning of my video.


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Further Development

The project can be projected in a more big scale space, can be more interactive or have more optical illusions on the physical objects, which can give more embodient and immersion experience. 


Self evaluation

Overview, I have achieved the visualisations with narrative. I am a coding beginner, which means I took a big step when finished the projects. And I am so excited to realise the project by myself, the code part and the projecting part. 



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