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Geometric Galaxy Voyage

A galaxy where geometric entities arise. When new groups of arise, they create disorder, sometimes conflicts with other groups. The disorder evolves into order when the movement of the groups journey becomes visible.

produced by: Saskia Freeke

There is no script, the shapes of the groups are randomly selected. The Galaxy consist of five different shapes. When a group is formed, it assigned a certain number of shapes to be draw. The movement of the group is again randomly selected from an array. There are different intervals when a new group of shapes are draw on the screen. Then, there is a random color selector, the group always get 2 different colors from two arrays. One some darker colors and the other brighter ones. The randomness of all these factors gives interesting compositions. Sometimes they clash, sometimes it brings calmness. Smaller groups often floating longer on the screen then large groups. They tend to float away quickly. This gives less chaos when a few groups of shapes arise on the screen.


At the start of the project I created two moodboards. The first one represent the thought of the project. Drawings of galaxies and movement. They give a feeling of discovery, a journey to be experienced. The second moodboard represent the inspiration for the look of the project. I wanted to achieve a clean graphic galaxy.


My aim was to make a system where randomly shapes are draw on the canvas, that gives an idea of a journey into space. I wanted it to be clean and calm. A artwork where you can look again and again to it, because it will always be different. And small unexpected and interesting things will happen.


Color array from:
OF Simple Timer Example