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Invisible war (Ongoing Project)

Ziwei Wu - Computational Arts -May 20, 2019 


The inspiration comes form cyberbullying, a kind of violence on the internet.

My friend has suffered cyberbullying because of a video from DG. The video is an advertisement. Someone thinks it is racial discrimination for Chinese, but others didn’t feel the offense.Thus, million of people using comment to fight with each other under her account. Even she didn’t say anything. The violent people on the internet still abuse each other.

So I want the participant feel the same, as each person can be the bulling person on the internet.

My friend as a innocent model that attend in D&G advertisement  


This Audiovisual prototype aims to experiment the relationship and the internet environment about cyber violence. Especially in the offensive, inflammatory and contumelious comments. In this situation, fair and just sanctions no longer exist, only with the netizens who want to vent anger.

The laser random on two walls, faces and shoots each other. Projected profile photo which is come bigger and affect other with the sound of comment from internet.

Two walls, laser lights, profile photos just like weapon of invisible war.

3D render prototype

Input, Output and Setup


Visual and Audio: The profile photo on the internet.


Arduino – laser light

Open frameworks – generate picture and open sound


using  2 foam board, 2 projector and 10 laser lights to build a model.

If it possible, G05 is the best place to set up.

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My process and prototype of 3 way of interaction

details about the text and sound interact 


Self evaluate and further development

1. Change laser light: I want the laser light can have a line of light. Mine one is just a point of light

2. Deal with sound: Not satisfied with the sound, the voice from the google translate have no life. Thinking about record some person read comment also add some background music which made by myself.

3.Book G05 to show in bigger scale. 

Relative example

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