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sunset and flames

I developed a pattern animation that when colors of some lines changes, another pattern becomes visible which seems as if it is a flame.

produced by: Ece Seyrek Hasdogan


This project is an animated mysterious pattern that has some optic illusions.

Concept and background research

I first created a moodboard about what feeling I want to reflect. I researched a lot of example, but after a while, I decided that I want the animation look mysterious with optic illusions by using color changes and movement. So, by changing the color of lines after a specific time, I made another pattern become visible. Also in the initial part, I put a big yellow circle that reflects sunset, as it changes it color to orange and then red.  I used a lot of color changes by using sin which helped the animation to become more mysterious.  And for flame like red circles, I also used ofRandom becouse it is something more rapid and energetic. 


I first created lines by using for-loops then made them change color smoothly by using sin. Later, I made that lines to move just in y direction smoothly again by using sin. I put more lines with for-loops that has some differencies like the speed of their movement, or color etc.

Then, I added red circles by using for-loops. I made them change in location by using both sin and ofRandom. I put randomness in the x direction by limiting them as well. So that, they seemed like flames. 

Later I put a very big circle, that changes its location just in y directioon by using sin. Also, its color changes very smoothly as well. I used if statement for this big circle for its color. If statement runs approximately when the big ball comes to the center and then continues to change its color in green value. 

Future development

I would give a more sunset effect for the initial part of the animation. It maybe even be like, sunset happening on blue lines as if it is a sea, and givving a sea sparkle effect. Maybe after a while, sun may turn to appear like a moon. 

Self evaluation

I was afraiding too much at the beggining of this course because I don't have any coding background before this course. During class assignments or weekly projects, I still sturggled a lot and didn't understand some parts and forgot some parts as well but while doing this project by myself I felt more confident after I realised that I can do this animation. I remembered some information that I forgot, so it was a good practise. I achived more than I expected in the beggining so I am happy with this project but for sure, after developing my knowledge on coding in the future, I am hoping to develop even more interesting projects.