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Alienation of Printer

This project explores the relationships between modern technologies and human by building a system which can input and output, Chinese movable type system, and Thermal mini printer. I want people to consider that how the modern technologies influence human and what the positive and negative influences they have. 

produced by: Dongyuan Liu

The Alienation of People

This system can print out the characters, which were curved on the wood cubes, in the form of Arabic numerals which was often used in the digital context. By comparing these two kinds of character, I want to indicate that we lost the beauty and the fun of making handicrafts. 

With the development of technology, It is true that modern technologies help us to improve our work efficiency and bring conveniences to us. We can sit at home and browse the beauty of the world, and we can meet with each other by video call. These, however, lead to sitting in front of the computer all the time. We would like to input like robots, and it looks like we are controlled by computers. We lost our fun, beauty, and the process of experience.

Marx, in Economic & Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844, indicates that:
...So much does the appropriation of the object appear as estrangement that the more objects the worker produces the less he can possess and the more he falls under the sway of his product, capital. ...(29)

The alienation of people is a social phenomenon in which products of labors become opposite things and in turn manipulates humans. 


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Example sketch for Adafruit Thermal Printer library for Arduino.

Example sketch/program MFRC522 library for Arduino.