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produced by: Yuhan Jiang

This project simulates the visualization of the fragrance emitted by flowers.


First I decided on the colours and shapes of the flowers and sketched them out on my iPad. The petals were inspired by those in TYPE+CODE. Next, the rough outline of the flower was drawn inside Xcode using ellipses and angles. Next, I used different versions of the colours for the mock-up and due to the particular environment of the projection, I needed to adjust the brightness and greyscale of the flower. The basic flower was then noised to give it a diffuse effect, which was achieved using for and noise code. The last shape is a hollow flower rotation, mainly using for and noise.

Future development

This project could try to control the position of the petals so that they become a fixed pattern or create a fixed movement rather than a random one. Alternatively, several different patterns could be combined to create other visual effects, each pattern not standing alone.


Before this course, I never knew how to think in code because my major was product design, which means that when I first started studying art-related courses I was more used to thinking in product thinking than in code language. I would have been better at modelling with Rhino or doing flat graphics. But this course has given me a different kind of joy, and I can feel the magic of combining art and code when I make a nice piece of work using code. Of course, during the months of study, this magic was often accompanied by staying up late working on assignments to find out that many errors could not be solved, or even that there was no available solution, plus it was psychologically difficult to overcome the fact that I had to do the work alone at home during the blockade. Each successful 'play' was the biggest motivation for me to have the courage to face difficulties. Of course, I need to add to my knowledge of code and I will be consulting books and various websites to find basic tutorials to fill in my code knowledge.