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The Pakistani Truck Art; an art form of decorating trucks, is linked with storytelling with local art & craft techniques. This form of ornamentation is done with trinkets and painted exteriors. The Pakistani Truck Art Colors and Patterns inspire my Generative Art Project, stylizing the patterns with bright and contrasting color scheme of the Truck Art.

produced by: Mehrbano Khattak

Truck Art is decorations of trucks and is linked with storytelling for example when a truck would travel from the South of Pakistan, it will have visuals that reflect art & craft, nature, and motifs of the south region, to produce its own melodious sounds trinkets like bells are used. Along the exterior of the truck the driver’s cabin is also decorated to providing the driver comfort and feeling of being at home. This practice symbolizing pride and prosperity of the truck owner and is believed to be a source of entertainment for truck drivers on their long journeys away from home. The symbols and styles used in this art form are inspired by the regional art and craft, folklore (local folk stories), national or local heroes and every region of the country has a diverse style of execution of this unique art form. Mostly, the motifs, designs or themes used are stimulated by Islamic Art such as stylized flowers; verses of religious content, poetry, or common funny phrases in regional or national language written in calligraphy; beautiful scenic visuals of the region, national heroes, mythical creatures, or animals fighting and animals (most commonly used is lion) and birds. Truck Art techniques are manually painted and the skill is passed from the father to the son.


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