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Lunar Clock in black and white

This project is the process of drawing a lunar clock in my mind.

produced by: MIDUO GAO

Section 1 (heading #6)

The clock is the best way to track our daily life, and they never get tired when they have rotated for several ages. Also, the lunar clock is the best way to follow our best wishes for new year.

The idea of this project is inspired by Chinese TaiJi (YINGYANG) and String Art. I decide to illustrate my lunar clock in black and white colors. From the aspect of Chinese TaiJi, I select its special color elements to express - the black and white, which can represent the whole nature. Everything on the earth is opposite to each other like Chinese TaiJi, two poles, the black and white. First, in my project, two contrary colors are trying to draw circles gradually, and they exist together. The black one always rotates with the white one. It seems like the nature that we live has kept a balance between different parts.The speed I have set for my project is like Chinese TaiJi. It shows the process of drawing lunar clock slowly. From the aspect of String Art, I especially enjoy a Japanese artist, Kazuko Miyamoto’s installations. The majority of her artworks are black lines to make installations which based on the white environment. I fond of the beauty of interweaving between the black and white. So I have done some textures which have expressed at the end of the video. They all surrounding the lunar clock which has shown in the center of the screen. I don’t want to mimic the clock in a real way, so I attempt to express it through weaving the black and white lines together. That’s why I have mentioned the String Art at the beginning of the article.

Besides, the clock looks like an eyeball that can control the vast nature. All the weaving lines are created layer by layer and transformed into a big one in the middle of the canvas. Drawing separate lines, not only because of the influence of String Art but also, when you write a program to draw lines, it forms the unique texture of each line automatically which similar with graphic images for the viewer. That point has helped me to deliver my idea. Drawing curves and they interweave with each other, like Kazuko Miyamoto’s installation work as I said before. 

Life is like weaving, track every day’s memory. That’s the reason why I named my project as the lunar clock.  Black and white are so mysterious for people who live on this planet to remember. 





This is one of Kazuko Miyamoto's artworks: