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My Tree

My Tree is an interactive experience that places you in the peace view, delivering a new perspective on the natural world.  I was inspired by  my VR project's idea, which is to see a tree growing in a beautiful wild from a fixed perspective, to see it grow, the seasons change over time, to see the breeze slowly coming, clouds drifting away, and that idea was inspired by a video game Flower developed by Thatgamecompany . The goal of the project is watching and interacting with the natural environment, feel the charm of nature and relax.

produced by: Dijiao Wang


The project was built using openFrameworks/C++ with the ofxCameraAnaglyph, the ofxKinect, and ofxOpenCv addons. Seeing the same scene with the right and left eyes can create the 3D view, so drawing twice tree and adjusting their positions with red and blue, then wearing the 3D glasses, the tree would move. Furthermore, I also use Kinect to track users'locations and use these locations to control the depth of the 3D tree so that it looks moving, and I divide the range of detection area  into four areas to show the four themes of spring, summer, autumn, and winter in a simple way to change the background color.​

Future Development:

If developing further, I would like to make the interaction more accurate and make the view more completed, including other plants like flowers and weeds, wind influence, and clouds, make the view and the project a truly relaxing experience for users.  There are also four seasons that really have a real impact on the tree, sprouting in spring, flourishing in summer, falling leaves in autumn, and snow in winter. Further, with more interactions, one gesture can generate wind, blow trees through clouds, one gesture can produce rain which will make the leaves fall off, and the other can make the weather clear. Perhaps machine learning is needed to recognize these gestures.


Swinging Tree by Ryan Chao​​

Genetic sculptor​ Example from week 15

kinectGrid Example from week 16  

AnaglyphGrid  Example from week 20​