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produced by:Boyuan Yu

"As long as the personality is not yet mature, people will still be keen to spy on the privacy of others; as long as there are people whose desires are deeply suppressed, some people will deliberately expose others' privacy and use their privacy to vent their desires; Human nature still has its flaws, and spying on privacy preferences will never end. "Snooping, as a psychological instinct for human beings, is difficult to eliminate. Especially under the blessing of the Internet, in this era of entertainment supremacy, voyeurism has become a culture, its phenomenon is very popular, and even a mass culture invisible. People's privacy is indistinguishable. It seems that every day's life is being spied on by countless eyes. This is the life of being spied on.

Under this popular peeping spree, every peeper chooses to watch others' performances in dark corners because of the empty confusion of his life or because of the desire to vent nowhere. The eyes of the peepers are frightening, and what makes people think more terribly is the social environment that leads to the emergence of peeping culture. This is also the reason for the creation of this annoying work, "BE PEEPED LIFE."

This project uses the ofxKinectV2 library to obtain depth maps and color maps. By traversing the pixels, the color of the pixels is obtained, and the depth map of the experiencer is extracted according to the distance between the experiencer and the device to obtain the position coordinates of the experiencer. Coupled with ofxSerial library, send the position coordinates of the experiencer to arduino, and the device rotates according to the position of the experiencer through the stepping motor. Can't escape, can't hide, and face a spied life.

(In addition to using two library files, the project does not refer to other people's code)