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The Endless Tunnel

We are getting through the wormhole. The colors and forms of the wormhole are changing irregularly, and only the distant coordinates can tell us the speed. Focus your eyes on the center, and then move them away from the screen when the wormhole disappears, then you will see the visual staying phenomenon obviously.

produced by: Ricoh Han (Han Han) 

Project Description ​

This is a very simple little project about "Passing through the tunnel". In the beginning, I intended to make viewers feel as if they are walking in an infinitely long tunnel, just like the way they feel when walking in wormholes in movies. I, however, do not know how to make the tunnel infinitely long because some technical problems come up afterwards. As a result, I can only make the end of each scene fade out. In the meantime, my original plan is to let every shape change slightly. To bring about this effect, every value of the shape needs to be converted into a vector and a function needs to be used as a vector. Eventually, I cannot find the solution to this, so I have to solve it in this simpler approach and the effect is still acceptable.


In each scene, the shape, the rate of change, the direction and speed of rotation, and the color of the figure are in a random change. I want the viewer to have a feeling of going through a tunnel. In order to create a fake 3D feeling in 2D graphic effect, I use the of Scale command line. When zooming in on the Z axis, I make the center position change at the very beginning in every scene for the purpose of highlighting the 3D effect of the tunnel, and the viewers' position is set outside the tunnel at first and then move inside the tunnel gradually. Hope that the viewer can experience the feeling of "passing through the tunnel". Afterwards, in order to enrich the picture, I added a "horizon" in the distance, which made the sense of the speed increase and the vertiginous sensation decrease. After finishing these effects, I found that the picture gave people the effect of the "visual staying phenomenon" and that's an extra little fun.


I expected the whole picture to be clean, so I only used straight lines to make up all the patterns. I removed some circles in the original version and adopted the black background. I set all colors as striking yellow in the beginning, and then changed it randomly, emphasizing the effect of "digitization" and "geometrization".


Michael Pinn's work WormHole from processing website :

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