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What should I do ?

Critical thinking can help us think in many dimensions and listen to other people's opinions, but sometimes too many opinions can interfere with and block our own initial thoughts.The project used Webcam and FACEOSC in combination to control generative character.
produced by: Yiyan Lin


The project used Webcam and FaceOSC in combination to control generative character.Letters and words change position and direction as your head moves, and if the head or face is not detected, the character will not continue to be generated.

Concept and background research

The inspiration for this project came from this Easter vacation, which I was the originator and planner of. I needed to gather my friends'different needs and opinions about the trip for the sake of planning, but it was frustrating and had too many opinions and not enough to meet everyone's needs. I followed the advice of my friends and ruined the trip I had envisioned for myself. I didn't do what I wanted to do where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do. I was thinking, in this day and age, there are a lot of different voices and opinions, and you can take other people's views, but the most important thing is yourself, and you need to listen to your own heart. Sometimes when you ask for someone else's opinion, you already have the answer in your mind.

So I asked my friends around the world, in their language, to ask them what they wanted to know what should they do most recently, and ask for outside opinions. To respond to this is a widespread human society, their indecision cannot decide when the need for support or encouragement from others; many times, their hearts already have the answer, need others to agree. There are so many different voices out there that you get lost and confused.

Because I need the "language" representation, I used a lot of example and tutorial to learn how to control the text in the openframework and had to create the feeling that the "language" was bursting out of the screen.



I used FACEOSC as the input to control faceOSC as the Openframework output. I ended up using the addons, 2dbox, because I wanted to feel like the text was always popping up and repeating, but I couldn't do that, so I ended up using 2dbox because it helped me feel like the characters and the blobs were constantly bouncing and bumping. Because of concept, the voices of the outside world. The expressed way such as in written words or spoken by the mouth, so I want to combine the two forms and control the pattern of words with the mouth But since Webcam is not sensitive enough and the size of the mouth is too small to be very accurate, I should use the head instead. And that's what I'm going to have to get over.

Future development

I couldn't get the effect I wanted because of space and facilities, and I wanted the project to run on many computers, with different projectors projected on the wall, if possible And let a lot of people experience it, all the interactions in one frame.