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Project concept:

"What is the relationship between me and the universe?" I believe many people have thought about such problems in childhood. However, with the increase of academic pressure, life pressure, and understanding of the world's reason, such metaphysical problems are gradually forgotten by us.

During this holiday, I learned the theoretical ideas of willism and Philosophy of life. I picked up the problems of childhood again, and I also raised my thoughts.

The human brain is an incredible organ, not only possesses a space proportional to the universe, but also contains the infinite awareness body of consciousness. Consciousness transcends the appearance, memory, and personality that make up each personality. When all these are affected by time and When there are no factors affecting the external environment, there is only one common consciousness left between people and even all things, which is the consciousness of the universe. The essence of this consciousness is how the material form changes no matter how time changes, It will constantly push the universe to expand and evolve again and exist in you and me. This may be my connection to the universe.

Visual idea:

This particle system is an effect I really like. It can constantly run, constantly spawning new particles, and at the same time it moves constantly in the direction of uncertainty, which has been changing, just like our will to life, free, eternal, and restless. Particle systems are getting shorter and shorter, just like life, and life will face the end point it must pass-death. As the essence of life, the will continue to exist in a non-objective form, even inherited by future generations, and manifested in reality. I also regard it as the rebirth of human beings. The particle system is also like a galaxy in the universe, and it continues to develop, die, and regenerate in the vast universe.




Interactive mode:

scene one:

The scene is a particle special effect system, and the audience cannot interact with it.

scene two:

When the audience touches the floating large particles, lines appear on the silhouette of the human body.

scene three:

As the audience touches more and more large particles, the lines on the body will become shorter and shorter, until the lines are shortened into particles again and blend into the background of the starry sky.

scene four:

When the audience's silhouette disappears on the projection wall, after a short period of time, a large particle will float again. When the audience touches it again, the silhouette on the audience's body will appear again in lines, and it will be shown in red, and it will continue to cycle....

Technical method

I used Kinect2 as a recognition sensor, and Kinect's body recognition works as the main interaction method. The method implemented by Kinect to recognize this part of the human body in Processing mainly uses the KinectV2 for Processing library. Through this library, the user's body data is called. In this project, the image of the figure of the person whose background is removed is needed. The function “Kinect.enableBodyTrackImg () “can be achieved this effect.

The program randomly generates larger translucent particles. When Kinect detects a person, it draws the body silhouette of the object and can collide with the particles. Each time a collision effect is identified, the direction of the entire particle system movement and the length of the particle tail are changed. To implement this part of the function,I used the BlobDetection library to detect shape.