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Reflective, artistic, research and
artifact text by Laura Subirats.

* Why are we archiving digital art?
* Why do we need huge archive for art? Specifically, for
Digital Art?
* Is it necessary to conserve or preserve Digital Art?
* Is Digital Art liquid?
* How can we think differently about Digital Art Conserva-
* The future Digital Fossils.
* Everything belongs to the future.
* Rapid obsolescence of digital technology.
* Has your relationship with seeing artworks changed over
the years?
* The Digital Oblivion.
* Changing nature of Time Based Art.
* Challenge. Problem about its conservation and restora-
* Do we need to create archives or just let them disappear?
* Why we spend more time restoring old pieces than crea-
ting new ones?
* Why the preservation has become a thing in our society?
* Do we believe in Malevich’s black square?
Why Are We Presrving Digital Art?
Why We Love Archives?
Where Is The Present?
How Many Gb Do You Own?


My inner self suffers from Diogenes syndrome. I keep absolutely everything, even
my braces from when I was 8 years old. But with art, specifically digital art,
the opposite happens to me, I tend to think; Why we need to create archives to
preserve it? (“Archives in the cloud”) In my opinion, It does not make sense in the
contemporary society, where changes are constant and obsolescence is getting faster.
Do we need to believe in Malevich’s black square? Or trust in Picasso’s opinion:
Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. Maybe is that what is gonna give
us the breakthrough with the old way of conceive and understanding the art. Letting
us shape a new way of create and relate with the art, more open for everyone and less