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comments = food

     Taking in different information from the Internet every day, the comments we see on social media every day, it's like we're eating this as our spiritual food.”

produced by: Yiyan Lin


A total of six scenes were produced to reflect the human social network phenomenon today, are the first scene: The information world. Scenario 2: The daily life of social networking. Scene Three: A few well-meaning compliments and comments. Scene Four: social routines that don't fit into the mainstream aesthetic. Scene 5: a Deluge of malicious comments. Scene 6: Mixed reviews.

Concept and background research:

The reason I want to do this work is because of a very popular Internet event in China a while ago. A celebrity on social media got into a fight with a pregnant woman over a dog while walking her dog. At first, media reports said the celebrity on social media beat up a pregnant woman The result is a life-threatening condition that can lead to miscarriage. At the time, the Internet was flooded with malicious comments about the social media celebrity, who had become popular because she was a fashion blogger But in the wake of the scandal, her brand was widely reviled, her company went bankrupt, and her grandfather died from the comments. Online violence is really a terrible thing. For the pregnant woman's case, these malicious comments nearly destroyed everything that the fashion blogger had worked so hard to build and destroyed her original life All of this is due to the malicious comments of the irrelevant keyboardist and the unconscionable media and public. To the public, these hot-button issues are the talk of the town, but to the people involved, it's a complete reversal of one's life

As the incident faded from public view, a video emerged on the Internet showing the fashion blogger not beating a pregnant woman at all. It was all a hoax. This incident made me wonder why the public was led in different directions by these opinions. These netizens can use the most vicious language to curse a person who has nothing to do with their own life And the comments they post on the Internet are gobbled up like food by the people commenting on them.

This kind of social phenomenon takes place in our daily life, and I want to use the skills that I can use, as a product of the information society, and use the open framework to create a scene like this. For those of you who are watching this, to feel the constant flow of malicious comments and praise, as well as our daily Social Media. My initial thought was that the mapping would be in the frame, but I finally decided to use a projection on the table and plate to make it more convincing and immersive. Because social media software has become as important as our food, we rely on social media to receive and spread information, and without social media, it would be almost impossible for society to function today.


All the initial code is inspired by Theo’s class. Coding on openframework by using ofxpimapper addon. Using for loop, ofNoise,  if-statements, sin, vectors ofTranslate and ofPixels.I collect a lot of good comments and bad comments from social media, collate them, edit and import them into openframe with offront, and create different effects, like good comments are always fleeting But the malicious comments are slowly falling off the screen.



Code: Week4-lab