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Impression consists of a questionnaire website with feature classification and an AR APP. According to The Five-Factor Model, people are divided into Five personalities and corresponding images appear by answering The website's questions. After that, people used APP for AR interaction on the image. It means that after we have explored our true personality traits, we still want to show our good qualities to others in our relationships.

produced by: Haotong Qu


The whole work consists of two parts: a classified questionnaire and an AR APP.

First, I investigated the five personality classifications and sorted out the five personality classifications: Extraversion, Neuroticism, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Openness to Experience. And through people's impression of the animal image design, the selection of animal bones with the same characteristics shows people's personalities. I think the most authentic thing about a person is a skeleton, and it's a record of who you are and even what you've been through. Like archaeology, the archaeological community can be bone fossils to judge the fossil species, even in what was experienced. 

In the AR App, I choose three flowers representing the good qualities I want to show to others or the world. Roses represent romance, jasmine represents loyalty, and lily represents pure knot. These are wonderful qualities that people like. We can attach it to the skeleton in the AR APP, which is the look we want to show others. Represents the exploration we know after his true personality characteristics in the exchanges or showing others their good qualities. They usually don't change a lot in adulthood.


Concept and background research

Background research on the web page, I have a query about the Big Five personality traits of introduction and articles.
Big Five personality traits, known as The Five-Factor Model (referred to as FFM), is the modern psychology described in Five aspects of The highest level of organization personality traits. The big five personality traits make up one of the main characters. The personality traits of adults do not happen too big change, is very stable. According to the characteristics of the personality traits, I chose five animals to represent characteristics. Fox means Openness to experience. Openness to experience is about art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, imagination, curiosity, and generally enjoy various experiences. People who are open to experiences are intellectually curious, open to emotions, sensitive to beauty, and willing to try new things. Example: I have a vivid imagination.
Cat means Conscientiousness. Conscientiousness is self-discipline, regardless of the measures or external expectations and efforts to achieve something. It has to do with the way people control, regulate and direct their impulses. A high sense of responsibility is generally considered to be stubborn and focused. Example: I am strict in my work.
Goat means Agreeableness. Agreeableness reflects the widespread concern of social harmony of individual differences. Amiable people attach importance to get along with others. They usually are considerate, kind, generous, trust and trustworthy, ready to help others, and is willing to compromise with others. The easy-going person also has positive views on human nature; for example, I can feel the emotions of others.
Dog means being Extroversion. Being Extroversion is characterized by the breadth (as opposed to depth) of activities, the emergent nature of external activities/situations, and the energetic creation of external means. This trait is characterized by contact with the outside world have obvious. Extroverts who enjoy working with people and is often thought of dynamic. They tend to be enthusiastic and action-oriented. They have high group visibility, love to talk, and insist on who they are. Example: I'm talking to a lot of different people at the party
Rabbit means Neuroticism. Neuroticism is a tendency to experience negative emotions, such as anger, anxiety or depression. It is sometimes referred to as emotionally unstable or be reversed and referred to as emotional stability. Example: I often feel blue. 

For AR App was inspired by artist ARIADNA DANE.
Ariadna Dane is a visual and multimedia artist living and working in London. After she grew up in Siberia and extensive travel, the artist discovered contact with nature. This is her inspiration for the development of art practice. The Dane works of the creative process behind the tailoring and shadow technology experiment to simulate and magnify nature. The resulting forms and textures are partly accidental and partly computational; Both relinquishing the artist's control over the process and being keenly aware of the consequences of the development of form and texture. Just as in nature, each resulting element is unique and cannot be repeated. In 2021, Dane's first AR works will be exhibited at the fulham town hall (London) as part of the Moore planning of the exhibition. When I saw Dane's AR work modelling natural textures and then using code to add sound and motion effects, I thought of the appropriate presentation of my work.


                                                                       Organic Wreath #22, 2017


In the first part, I use HTML&CSS made questionnaire website. By answering the questionnaire can get their own personality traits and the corresponding image. I designed 20 questions. Each character corresponds to the four questions. To judge by yes or no, yes, most of the characters will appear in the results; if yes, the same number of multiple traits will randomly appear in these few characteristics. In the top right corner of the Q&A page is the counter for the questions. Each question is animated as it appears, and the question falls along with a magnification, bringing the page to life. Since I was not quite clear about how to use HTML to write fluid, I used a fluid written by Processing as the background and used BOID for them to catch up. Finally, I recorded a video and inserted it into the web page. In the background video production, I used pixel flow from the processing library. I combined it with BOID to present golden fluid through a multi-layer colour overlay, forming a golden fluid video with chasing characteristics.

As for AR APP, what first used Zbrush to build the mask model, and Unity and easyAR were then used to write the virtual reality interaction. Click on the flower logo buttons, can choose different flowers covering the bone. I applied the life cycle function to the flower and delayed the time when the flower appeared so that the time difference of the flower appeared was 1-2 seconds, and the position of the flowering delay was random. After that, what used the SDK of Android for packaging the available app of Android, and what made the sharing link into two-dimensional code after uploading to Google cloud disk, which was convenient for those who wanted to experience downloading the app for interaction.


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Future development

At present, the interaction of this project is simple button interaction. After pressing the button, flowers will appear in a fixed place. I hope I can develop key interaction of gesture interaction. The user can drag out the flowers from the logo and put flowers on animal bones according to the user's idea. Another idea as a whole can be upgraded to an AR mask, at the same time open two cameras to make a model that can identify and covered facial structure, increasing the use of a lot of fun when finally capturing and save. When making the website, I designed 20 questions based on the five personality characteristics. According to the feedback, more people tend to choose the same option, and I hope to optimize it in the future.


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Overall, I am satisfied with my project because it is complete work within my current capacity and can great express my ideas. Many visitors to the exhibition expressed their love for my work, which made me feel pleased. However, it has some small problems that I did not think of when I made it until the exhibition was exposed.

First, because the whole work is written using two different software, many people only use the website, do not want to switch software to try the AR APP. Next time, I can use Unity to write a website that can reduce the number of scanning the QR code and switching applications. Secondly, because I used Unity and EasyAR to design and write AR, I found that ARKit was needed to package the app of the IOS system when I was packaging the app. When I logged in to the official website for download, I found no download link for this tool. I looked at multiple sites and couldn't find that tool. It's a pity that I only packed the android app. Next time I should have to try to install the app packaged before writing code. Thirdly, I did not take into account the poor rendering function of some mobile phones. All models have high fineness and rendering degree, which may cause the models in the APP to flicker due to rendering problems. Final, images have reflections because that framed with an acrylic plate, making it necessary to adjust the distance and angle when scanning the image. Although what solved the problem by lighting the light, the position of the lamp should be adjusted in advance for testing to avoid this problem.

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