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Embracing chaos

Embracing chaos is a projection mapping composition developed in openFrameworks. It was created in reference to the current Chilean revolution (October 2019-present), which main massage of fight is "Until dignity becomes customary" ("Hasta que la dignidad se haga costumbre"). Until today, serious violations of human rights had taken place.  

produced by: Camila Colussi

The project

The piece is divided in three graphic moments: dots, lines and text. Each of them works on a different concept: chaos, time and social fight, respectively. The whole piece takes as reference the current Chilean civil revolution that began in October 2019. Until today, serious violations of human rights had taken place.  

DOTS. Following the sentence "embracing chaos", this series starts presenting a chaotic space of bouncing balls. After a while, the balls get organized, nevertheless, the order does not preclude the chaos. On the contrary, it could be seen as a chaotic fluency.
tag: chaos / organized chaos/fluency of chaos. 

LINES. Lines were built in reference to time and space. On the one hand, they move as hand clocks at the rhythm of seconds. On the other hand, they match with the edges of the boxes, pushing the edges continuously. Also, a random walk of lines is drawn. It was thought as paths for different directions. Additionally, a whole clock takes place in this series, distributed through the boxes. In this case, you need to move around the boxes to find the right perspective to see the entire circle of the clock, otherwise, you see a divided figure. Many time references are being discussed today in Chile: time seems to run parallel to the fight. Time is running but much uncertainty about achieving results. The returned to the past as a new kind of dictatorship while the social fight stands strong in the hope of a better future. 
tags: time / space / clock

TEXT. Three texts are used in this series. The first one draws the phrase "Nunca más. Never again", which is an expression used in Chile to contemn the violation of human rights Pinochet's dictatorship. Today this expression is under question to purpose that the dictatorship never left. Next, the phrase "And now that people who rise up in the fight with the voice of a giant shouting forward" translates one of the paragraphs of the famous Chilean song "El pueblo unido jamás será vencido" ("People united will never be defeated"), written by Inti Illimani. This song has been sung repeatedly during the last 3 months in Chile. Finally, the 4th and 5th article from the Chilean Constitution, chapter one; is crossed out. These articles establish that: (1)Chile is a Democratic Republic, and,  (2) the human rights concern from the Chilean government. It is important to highlight that this Constitution (1980) was written during the Chilean dictatorship (1973-1990) and today is the high point of fight in the social revolution that is still on going.  

tags: text / never again / El pueblo unido jamás será vencido / Chilean Constitution

To improve

The projection mapping was not accurate to the graphic details designed on a computer screen. From this learning, a future design would considered bigger figures instead of small details. 



Code references:
Dots: Classwork developed during the course "Creative Coding", dictated by Theo Papatheodorou at Goldsmiths 2019
Random walk: Classwork developed during the course "Programming for Artists", dictated by Joe McAlister at Goldsmiths 2019.
Slit Scan: Classwork developed during the course "Creative Coding", dictated by Theo Papatheodorou at Goldsmiths 2019.

Conceptual references
BBC: Chile protests: Concerns grow over human rights abuses

NYTimes: ‘It’s Mutilation’: The Police in Chile Are Blinding Protesters