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Buddhism is a very mysterious existence, and it has existed for more than 2,500 years. Buddhism values human spiritual and moral progress and consciousness. The purpose of practicing Buddhism is to discover the truth of life and the universe in accordance with Siddhartha's enlightened practice method, and finally to transcend life and death and pain, stop all troubles, and finally achieve liberation.

produced by: Qianhui Fan


 In China, Buddhism is regarded as a feudal superstition.It is also tied to politics, so relations with the government are now very tense. A rare opportunity for me to live in a temple for a period of time, during which I also fully understand Buddhism. Actually, Buddhism is very scientific, and one of the ideas is that there are a lot of things in the world that our organs can't perceive, like a tree falling, and who is the sound that we're hearing? Everything in the world exists quantum entanglement, magnetic field induction, people and even things actually exist energy conversion.

Concept and background research

 For example, the famous physicist Schrodinger once wrote in his book, What is Life, ‘the activity of life lies in keeping in motion, and the way an organism keeps itself stable at a fairly high level of order is by constantly absorbing energy from its environment.’ There may be an invisible exchange of energy between us and things, the strongest evidence of which is plants and sunlight. The body can be seen as a space filled with energy, and so can the object. 


So I'm trying to represent this transfer and transformation of energy. One eyeball dropped from the Buddha's eyes, and finally turned into 6 balls, them represent in Buddhism which six times. The constant collision of the six balls implies the six reincarnations. The humanity is the most special, He can escape from the six roads through practice.  Therefore, one ball represents humanity, He constantly moved, experienced energy exchange and entanglement,  saw very beautiful scenery, met various people (the butterfly represents the beauty and people). In the end he dissipated in the world like a firework full of energy in the world. It can also be understood that he had quantum entanglement with unknown objects, he took a new turn of energy, or is he out of the six metempsychosis, the explanation by the viewer to imagine!


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Reference coding from OpenProcessing:

ParticleFLow by Shuwana Brown 

Bristle Brush by Richard Bourne 

Tree_test  by Bruno