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I want to learn how to view this world, especially those invisible parts.

An image has always been a kind of transcription that people experience right now in this world. Ideally, images highlight possibilities to experience the world in another way. To me, that actually means that photography is dialogue between subjects and photographers -- whatever it ultimately shows, it is a projection, hope, and a hypothesis.

produced by: Xiaoyi Hu

Trevor Paglen wrote:“ There is something dramatic happening in the world of image: they are out of our sight. Our machine has learned to see…without us. I call it the world of machine.” “Machine’s image-making” is “invisible”. Today, the significance of its works on “results in form” is not as much as that of “its consequences” and effects it can have.

Then I begin to wonder whether the machine can do what people do. I wanted to do a project about "daydreaming" a long time ago, and I am used to recording anytime, anywhere and recording some clips of life. When I happened to witness a performance on the underground one morning, I suddenly thought of visualizing my daydream with code and visualizing it with my own recorded sound.

I finally divided it into four scenes. The first part is the impromptu performance I heard on the subway. This is also the origin of inspiration. I had a bad time at that time, busy and directionless. When I heard this performance, I instantly remembered a dream I once had. The second part is one of my favorite songs from Evil 9. As soon as this melody sounded, I thought of falling down by bike when I was a child, and a lot of dreams about road travel. The third part was originally recorded when I went to Ulcinj in mid-September to enjoy the sun and beach, but then I thought that another pure music made by my friend was more appropriate, so I changed it, but it all had the same meaning. I wanted to express sunshine, beach, and quiet night. Finally, in the last part, I used a piece of piano music I played to calm myself down. In the end, peace (perhaps dreamy) ended the dream. The whole process is from fast to slow, so the flicker of LED lights accelerates first and then slows down. 

I hope that these images will record the image-making process from our skin to our senses, from the overlap of images to the re-creation of a new image, like countless daydream scenes and emotions, can be shown in this way.



Music 2: Devil Stuff by Evil Nine, Album: You Can Be Special Too, Released: 2004

Music 3: Count the stars by StrawberryPapa, Released: 2017

Picture of Scene 2: from weibo, author id: woshibai

Scene 4: The image was inspired by an app, that helps you sleep and relax. Its name is Endel: Focus, Sleep, Relax.