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OfLearning is an image that shows the different stages of my thinking state in the process Oflearning the OpenFramework。

produced by: Haotong Qu



This work is my openframework in learning this course for me at different times of a visual experience. From the beginning of a theme, the feeling in the maze of stumbling exploration to found some secret code finally slowly can be some innovation according to the law. The entire code system is still around a centre for expansion and divergence. At the end of the video, I cut the images into pieces and put them together because I feel that I have no idea every time I touch new knowledge. At the same stage, could be a variety of different emotions, a variety of different feelings generated in mind at the same time.


Concept and background research

Visualization is an interdisciplinary field that allows people to identify some data and knowledge quickly. This method is popular in various fields, such as a series of hierarchical relationships such as text, environment, and convenient user experience. So I want to know if we could teach people visual thinking so that we can understand people because visualization has become people a means of communication and the way. So I will study the process of visual processing. I think it is fascinating, is a means to record their growth, and look at the experience in the future to provide some reference.



The ofXPimapper plugin uses functions like for(),if(),sin(), etc. Due to the epidemic, I did not collect enough cartons, so I could not carry out physical mapping. Still, I drew them in the virtual graphics and arranged the time to operate independently for three minutes. All three of my images can change themselves over time, by rotating and changing to form a new pattern. Besides, I tried to read the system time on my own, and the seconds became a controllable variable. And the use of the scene switches finally formed a better video effect.


Future development

This time, the project mostly uses black and white, dots and circles and other patterns without involving colour. The colour cannot change with time, which makes me feel a little regrettable. I hope more graphics and more colours can be added in the future.


Self evaluation

The whole assignment is still difficult for me, because there are some small details that I may ignore, resulting in errors in the whole code, and it does not work well. More often than not, it would be best if you asked someone else to help you solve the problem. There is no way. But overall, I've completed a challenge. I have overcome many problems that I do not know, and I have consolidated some knowledge I have learned in class before.



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