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Am I watching what I said before?

This is an installation that can interact with the volume of your voice and then trigger the information that grabbed from Twitter then reorganises them, and then destroy them. 

produced by: Xinyu Sun


When the microphone of the installation receives a volume higher than the set value, it will randomly extract and display the information captured on the network in advance at a random location on the screen, and then the words will start to move randomly and form a new sentence, soon afterwards the distorted sentence will disappear.

Concept and background research

Against the background of information age at present, men are always in the process of receiving and disseminating information, which is so common and easy for us. Therefore, the spread of rumours is not only limited to the real world but also has become inevitable across cyberspace. Maybe the reason can be explained that some people don't feel responsible for virtual identities in the online world, or the message spread wide is inaccurate or is embellished. What is funny is that rumours of any kind have the property that they quickly become forgotten. Also forgotten is the original information. 

I got inspiration from Joerg Piringer’s works rumour has it . He once said that rumors have characteristics of uncertainty and real-time distribution, so he will download information from twitter, print it on adhesive, and provides the scissors for the audience who can split and paste the information on the panel as a result of creating all sorts of strange sentences. The audience can also carry or paste the note anywhere. 

So I plan to make an interactive installation that can not only retell what people say, but also distort their messages, and even destroy them. In this way, the audience experiences a typical process of rumour spread. 


I use the microphone to detect the volume. When the volume is greater than the set value, the text will be triggered, a class is created in the text, and the content in the class will be filled with text in txt. The words of the triggered text will be split, perform the random movement, and reorganise to generate new sentences, and then the transparency will fade and disappear. Each sentence has its own life and movement cycle, and there is no interference between each sentence and words.

Future development

This installation uses the computer screen to display and the microphone built-in computer to input the information. The next step, I would like to use an old TV set as a display, which I think will have a better appearance for installation. Another idea is to add a printer that can print reorganised sentences onto postcards so that audience can take with them. The more advanced idea is to use speech recognition to capture what people say, and input information through an external microphone which will be displayed on a screen, and then make the operation of disassembly, reorganisation, disappearance and so on.


joerg piringer, rumor has it,