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The seasons impression

The inspiration of this project comes from the color of traditional Chinese painting and scenery of China. I want to express my impression of the four seasons with the color of traditional Chinese customs.
produced by: Xi Sun


The theme of this project is the scenery of the four seasons in China. I collected the scenery of my favorite cities and expressed it with the patterns of abstract paintings. I think each place has its own unique scenery in different seasons. This year I couldn't go back to China during the holiday due to the epidemic, so I am glad to use a digital method to show the scenery in my motherland.

For me, learning code is not only about making graphics or videos on the screen, but more importantly, I can connect the code to real life, bringing scenes I like from life into the digital world.


Concept and background research

I spent a lot of time collecting colors. At the beginning, my plan was to make patterns on the theme of Spring Festival, but this topic is very concrete and difficult to express comprehensively with code. Then I decided to abstract my theme, It's romantic for me to write the passage of time in code. Although I met many difficulties in the process, I finished the project and gained a lot.

For the spring part, I used the lesson assignment 3 of week7 for reference. This shape just fits the shape of the leaves I want. Then I chose the color close to the ancient rice paper as the background, and I decided to use the soft tone to express my feelings about spring.

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Summer patterns are inspired by the patterns of ancient Chinese costumes. This shape similar to the wave well expresses my impression of summer: wave, sunshine, trees and beach.

At the same time, I refer to the ancient color to make the picture more characteristic


The autumn design is inspired by the autumn harvest scenery in Xinjiang, China. I think the color of autumn is very warm. I choose the combination of gold, red and faint green to express my impression of this scenery.


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The inspiration of the fourth scene comes from the winter in Mohe, the northernmost city in China, where there are thick snow and Aurora, which is one of the most beautiful winters in the world in my eyes. I use sin function to control the position of the circle, which is composed of dense circles, similar to the aurora effect, and add snow patterns. This is my imagination of winter.

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Self evaluation

After ten weeks of courses, I have grown from a stage where I have never been exposed to code to the stage where I can complete some simple projects with code. This is an exciting experience for me. Although sometimes I find the code very difficult to understand and apply, I have a great sense of achievement after completing every assignment. Therefore, I expect that in the following study, I can be more familiar with the use of codes and have more unique ideas to realize.

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