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Sky, Wind, and Stars

This work is a project mapping installation that aims to visualize the appreciation of poem through code. Several cuts of digital sequences and Aphex Twin's background music were combined to reconstruct and show poet Yoon Dong-ju' strong will and soft lyrical sensibility in modern way.

produced by: Jaikwon Myung


The process of putting poetry into another form of art is very avant-garde and beautiful. This visualized poem performance follows abstract Korean images and forms, even though it is simply constructed in geometric patterns. But they were classically matched and reinterpreted modernly. I want to show this sensibility and lyrical messages through this visualized poem

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Concept and background research

I first came up with the idea of visualizing the shapes of dancheong (patterns) and Kiwa (tiles), which are Korean roof patterns. In order to produce this work, I was aimed at repetition, arrangement, and organic movement. They were meant to express a 'modernized tradition', I wanted a more effective and abstract expression. 

Finally, I thought of visualizing Korean poet Yun Dong-ju's poems with modern sensibilities. I was fascinated by this concept because it was a process of transferring different genres of art to digital visualization and, above all, It is a modern reinterpretation of Korean traditions because this poem represents the unique feeling of Korea very well.


I tried to make code around repetition, patternization, and intersection in making three scenes. I first came up with the Mandala Shapes to produce the first and second scenes. I created a pattern that constantly changes by using the Mandala shapes I learned in the Week 4 and using  FOR repetitive statements. However, the form of rotation and star shape was limited in producing the scene I wanted. I was able to find a solution in Nakauchi Kiyoshi' work and Particles, I make pattern and wave what I wanted using seedRandom Sin, Cos and Vector Ofnoises. 

Future development

I need to supplement the class and use array to make the code more cohesive. and I need more understanding of particle and vectors. It also needs a process of converting code to mine

Self evaluation

The most wanted part of making this work was the process of understanding the code and making it mine.

There were many difficulties as I studied OpenFramework for the first time. Starting vacation, I watched lectures from week 1 to 10 everyday, And it was only possible to understand. But without the template and examples, I realized that it was still very difficult for me to organize my own code. But, I could learn a lot in the process of tracking the code backwards while working on this Term 1 final project. Even thought I still don't understand the complexity of the configuration and I can't organize the perfect code myself now,  After taking the class, I could understand the overall composition of the code and interpret it to some words. 


Week 5 “Noise Sun” Number generators coding reference from Workshops in Creative Coding, by Theo Papatheodorou

Daniel Shiffman, Nature of Code, introduction, NoiseLandscape

Conceptual references - Nakauchi Kiyoshi blog (Changing Shapes & Layering of shadows.)

Gillespie, Tarleton. (2014)  "Algorithm [draft][# digitalkeyword]." Culture Digitally.

Soundtrack: Aphex Twin - Ageispolis NonCommercial 3.0 International License

"하늘과 바람과 별과 시" (Sky, Wind, and Stars) (Aphex Twin - Ageispolis) - Creative Coding by openFrameworks (C++), Projection Mapping Project, Thanks by Theo Papatheodorou, inspired by Nakauchi Kiyoshi