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Mimicry (heading #4)

My inspiration comes from Mimicry. A unique way of species protects themselves. This version is a prototype of my mapping project. I want to create a habitat which is surrounding beautiful fur and can be interact with the people who come in.

produced by: Ziwei Wu

Section 1 (heading #6)

For the research part, I am interested in Pseudo-environment. People construct a pseudo-environment that is a subjective, biased, and necessarily abridged mental image of the world, and to a degree, everyone's pseudoenvironment is a fiction. People "live in the same world, but they think and feel in different ones."

Thus, I want my work can link to pseudo-environment, each person have different interaction in the work.


Animal using mimicry to imitate environment and change themselves. The pseudo-environment of human is also a kind of emotional, subjective, and partial reorganization of the real environment.This work is trying to build a protected, warm, fantasy habitat in my mind.

The final version will be exhibit in an exhibition IN THE DARK in January 14th-20th, 2019.

Welcome to the exhibition!

The Cello Factory
33-34 Cornwall Road
London SE1 8TJ





 Alex Da Corte: