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Endless Boundaries

A collaboration between two performers and a creative coder. In this performance I developed a motion tracking software that represent movements graphically to accompany physical theatre and contemporary dance piece. 

produced by: Amit Segall

Concept and background research

In this project I teamed up with to female performers that were working on a new piece of work. Their new work was presented as a part of “she created her life”, An all-day event made by women to empower women to create the life they would love.  I suggested the usage of motion tracking in order to add new element and depth to their work. We ended up describing the work as follows:

When we are born, our assigned sex defines our role in society: how we will behave, what will be expected from us and the boundaries we will have to face in life. Due to our social-gendered role as women, nowadays, we struggle to define within what is our voice and is it what we want or what is impose on us. Applying motion tracking technologies with physical theatre and contemporary dance, we will question women's role in the 21st century from both biology and society aspects.

I wanted to highlight different movement esthetics and enhance them with different visuals, telling the story of the piece using graphics as an additional performer on stage. Both myself and the performers were looking for different visual references.  I was exploring different technics to extract information using cameras and experimented with different types of cameras. We knew in advance that we won’t have much time to setup during the show and our dress rehearsal will be on the day of the show. A few weeks in advance we went to the venue to understand the stage settings and dimensions, verifying the screen could reach the floor and how wide is it. Taking everything into account I was ready to start working on the software.