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Fantastic Halo

The halo that loops endlessly and produces changes, produced by OpenFrameworks, forming a projection mapping project.
produced by: Mingxuan Jiang


The aura of breathing halo is very attractive. The elegant colors and constant movement make it show a constant power. I hope to show this feeling in my own works and map it to the objects in life and give them some change and power.


Different graphics are used for the front and side of the box. The front side is a circular halo, which simultaneously doubles through the sin() and cos() functions to form multiple sets of circular patterns and keep the graph constantly changing. The halo will be drawn from 0 to complete, and the pattern and color will be alternated continuously inside. Make the graphics richer.

The pattern on the side is moved by the tan() function, and the parameters are fully considered. Finally, a radial pattern is formed, which makes the narrow side full of changes. It also combines the continuous change of pattern and color to set off the halo on the side to make it unique.

Future development

I hope that through the use of plug-ins, the background can be turned into frosted glass special effects, which can reflect halo in the front, and can see the object itself, to achieve better interaction and visual effects.

Self evaluation

The movement of part of the trajectory is still not stable enough to change as expected, and the side graphic mapping on a narrow surface cannot be displayed well. If the graphic design can be narrower, or real objects and projectors can be used, to achieve better results.


Theo's Lab:  Generative Shapes & Reserve Engineer