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by Laura Subirats

My piece was visually inspired on the computer itself and the visual language that uses to represent the digital files. With this work I want to talk about the digital files accumulation we suffer nowadays. Throught images and animations of them in an imaginary screen, I explain as a metaphor the problem of the "untangible" of the digital. Also, inviting to reflect arround the cloud and the useless of the massive productions of digital archives.


Concept and research

My proposal is born of a personal obsession with the accumulation of digital files. In today's society we are constantly archiving and collecting files in the cloud, and we are not aware of the materiality of these. From the idea posed by  Kenneth Goldsmith of printing the Internet, I grapple with the idea of "materializing" the digital product to make the viewer aware of its spatial immensity.

After my research through the computer files and their visualization, I thought that the best way to attract them was to show their real aesthetics, so that people would understand the concept by just observing visually.

The story develops in an imaginary temporal and spatial space, which is linked to the idea of digital cloud that society understands today. This allows me to create a visual game and decide to accumulate the files procedurally, thus increasing in quantity every second. The piece ends with the total and unstoppable accumulation, where the files overlap and leave their constant trace to highlight its tangible facet.


For the technical realization of this project programmed in c ++ language, different images extracted from the computer itself have been used. Starting from the folder, and consecutively adding the html, jpg and links files. Also adding the hard drive and thus go adding to the acomulación. Finally the code "freeze" and stops refreshing the background, thus getting even greater accumulation and chaos effect on the screen, almost as a glitch.

Self evaluation

I think it has been a very good approach to video mapping made with code. Being a person who has always worked more around the ideas and not so much with the technique, I think I can be proud of the piece that I have developed, that although it is not technically complicated, it is useful. Even so it is a decisive piece that fulfills its function and speaks of the concept that it wanted to treat.

On the part of the team with which I worked, I am very happy because we managed to materialize our mapping in a different format. And it allowed us to unfold pieces that were visualized in a different way.

Looking forward to a future I would like to develop my technical skills and work more closely with production research.


Claudia Mate, 2013.

The computer itself. Macintosh aesthetics.

Kenneth Goldsmith, Printing Out the Internet, 2013.