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Project Title (Twistedscape)

This work depicts the idea that memories contain data from past, lives in an intangible space and travels with us to form new narratives. I continuously jump back and forth from physical to this surreal world.         

produced by: Nadia Rahat

Generative Art Project "Twistedscape"

In my work I take inspiration from various visual narratives that exists in my surrounding. I try to search and investigate the role of memories and patterns in formation of my personal narratives about the environment in which I live. Our reactions to various scenarios that we face in our daily life, generate experiences which constitute those memories. These memories formed their own structures in an environment which is intangible but dynamic in affecting our perceptions. Memory acts as a store house to present documentation of our personal and collection narration. They are dynamic as powerful memories painful or otherwise stay alive. They keep us grounded to the past yet leave an impression which affects and changes our perception for the future. As put beautifully about memories by Arthur Golden,

“I think the things I remember are more real than the things I see.”

 (Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha, page 110)

 It fascinates me how fragments of memories that exists in a virtual environment of our minds constantly, react, filter , interact and blend,  with stored data as well as new data to generate new narratives. I find similarity between this intangible environment of human memory and a computer memory which stores and uses the data in similar way.  

 In my work called “Twistedscape” I tried to generate a visual narrative based on memories fragments of events that had strong effect on my perception and even though I have moved to a new location is still living with me and affecting my interaction with new environment.  I am not sure whether it an act to re-live those memories or a desire to erase them. But what I am trying to achieve through this work is to see how the meaning of these memories have changed overtime.  The artwork contains fragments from my previous works and  from the series “Rife”, except images of “Shamsa” and “chair”.  Each image used has a specific meaning which is hidden behind patterns that are generated from these images. Another dimension that I want to explore is my relationship as miniature painter with technology and its impact on Miniature Painting as a discipline. While researching for this project works of  artists including Aisha Khalid, Du Hu Suh, Imran Qureshi, Yeohyun Ahn and Yayoi Kusama, dealing with the subjects of memories, socio political environments and patterns inspired me further.


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Class lectures 1-5 by Theodoros Papatheodorou



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