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FRAGMENTS is a projection-mapped piece inspired by geometric patterns and shapes. Projected onto an Olga kit, moving lines appear to be fragmented into the depths of the squared shape.

produced by: Catarina Rodrigues


This project was my first experience with projection mapping. Although FRAGMENTS doesn’t have a linear narrative, the shape is constantly filled with moving lines evolving to different coloured patterns. The slow pace that initiates the piece then rapidly gives way to fast moving graphics filling the entire shape. 

Concept and background research

My work was visually inspired by artists such as Frank Stella and James Turrell. Turrel’s striped paintings and Stella’s studies with the materiality of light served as a starting point for the conceptualisation of the sketches. Besides that, visiting my hometown during Christmas was also a great source of inspiration as I looked at the traditional Portuguese tiles with different eyes. Although there are not many elements from the tiles on FRAGMENTS, I realised I am very keen in developing a future computational artwork based on the rich history of Portuguese tiles. 

1. Frank Stella’s “Marrakech”, 1964 2. Frank Stella’s [title not known], 1967 3. James Turrell’s “Roden Crater” 4. James Turrell’s “The Substance of Light” 5. James Turrell’s “Raethro Green”, 1968 6. James Turrell’s “Pale Blue”, 1968.  7. Azulejo Português (Portuguese tile)