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Biometric Data Sonification of Iris

term 2 project by Sarah Song Xiaran 



Every one of us has a unique structure of lines, dots and colors in our own iris. It seems to me that the iris is just like a music record of human being. A creative idea popped into my mind: why not sonify the patterns of iris? All the information of our human being is stored in our eyes and can be “played” as a signature sound piece. Human iris of the eye is one of the most mysterious parts of our body. Many scientists and doctors have devoted a lot of time and efforts in the study of iridology. It is believed that the iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the brain and nervous system. However, the media-arts expressions of the iris are underexplored but hold rich promise. It would be great if we can sonify the iris patterns of the eye in an artistic way of presentation, with the aid of the powerful software today.

This research has two main goals:
1. to explore and conceptualize the visual features of Iris;
2. to propose a new creative method to sonify patterns of Iris.

In this research paper, I will first review the three related sonification projects based on the relevant literature and theories and then justify my proposed project of linking sound with filtered iris images ......

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