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Mirror is an installation designed to play with how we look at ourselves. Encased in a acrylic and plywood box are the following- a computer, a screen, a two-way reflective surface and a PS3 Eye camera.

The inspiration behind the work comes from Snow White, scrying and the general popularity of seeing one’s own reflection. The intent was to create a disfigured version of the person standing in front of the mirror. A mesh is generated, a texture is taken from the camera feed and bound to said mesh.

In practice overzealous clamping broke the internal screen; rending the mirror case useless for this installation. During testing it was possible to view the augmented face mapped onto the viewers rather well. In future iterations a camera such as Kinect would allow for faster and more accurate tracking. There is also a lot of scope to experiment with different screens and mirrors to produce the most satisfying illusion.


Built in openFrameworks, using ofxFacetracker, ofxCv, ofxOpenCv and ofxKinect. Many thanks to Kyle McDonald and his fantastic add-ons, the other developers involved in these add-ons and teaching staff at Goldsmiths. Would have been impossible without all of the above.