More selected projects


In this exercise, I used openFrameworks to assemble multiple video clips to create a non-narrative film. The original aim was to create a film that is different each time a viewer watches the projection. Although, this aim was later abandoned to create more generative pieces.

non-narrative film which explored the other ‘realities’ that existed within the absurdities of the cold war and the different economic systems created within and outside of this narrative

In this video sequence, I wanted to explore the 'realities' that existed in between and outside of the absurdities of the cold war. During the Cold war, the Non Aligned movement was formed consisting of newly independent nations. The aims of the forum was to create economic and cultural cooperation and to escape the pressure to formally align with USSR or the US/West.


Concept and background research

I was particularly interested in the economic/political structures created within and outside of the Capitalism/Communism ideological war. Focusing on two countries, Tanzania and Yugoslavia, I was interested in how these countries formed new economic/political systems (ujamaa and market-based socialism).

I chose two cubes as I wanted to use projection mapping to create a multi-channel installation. With 4 sides visible, I presented images from the cold war on the flanks and centred  images/videos from Tanzania and Yugoslavia.



The project was created using OpenFrameworks written in C++. It was built upon a customised repo utilising the ofxPiMapper add-on. For this project, I created several classes:

Video sequencer: responsible for playing short video clips in a sequence.
Video filter: responsible for adding filters to images by transforming the pixels.
Metaball video: displaying videos within and outside of metaballs.
Scrolling/Flashing text: responsible for displaying and moving font (utilising the ofTrueTypeFont)


Future development

I’d like to develop the original concept and make a film that changes depending on inputs. I’ll also like to experiment with shaders.