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Cuenta conmigo 

'Cuenta conmigo' is an interactive encounter. The project was made as a starting point of a debate on the limits of artificial intelligence. 

produced by: Lola Mercadal


This project was designed for the second pop-up of the MA; 2POP || !2POP. I have. always found interesting and funny at the same time watching people interact with inanimated objects, especially computers. Being this our first interactive exhibition I wanted to portray the ridiculness of the interaction and the dumbness of the machine at the same time. 

Concept and background research

Nowadays, in a society highly preocupied in the future of artificial intelligence I find it of utter importance to highlight the real meaning of Machine Learning. Although only knowing the concept since a few months ago I have found really interesting to see how machines really only learn what people want to teach them. Eventhough it sounds obvious, I find this idea really easy to forget and really important to remark. 

The title of the video, cuenta conmigo, means "count with me" in spanish but i also means "count on me". This is another way to remark the idea of people counting on machines to do their job and how easy it is for us to forget that they dont always work. 


'Cuenta conmigo' has been developed using machine learning programmed in Openframeworks, in C++. 

Future development

For future development, I want to improve the quality of the machine learning part as well as the visuals.