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Time and Memories Projection Mapping

This projection mapping explores the concept of time and memories from a personal perspective. This art piece is reminiscent of my memories from my childhood till the moment I travelled to London in 2020. 

produced by: Aley Baracat

Concept / Visual

In this project, I wanted to show my memories in 3 different mediums/ways. The first projections is based on words that have a personal connection with me, words that are related to specific periods of my life: "self love", "heart body and soul aligned", "on my way to the airport" and "stay present". I have been struggling all my life with self acceptance and self love that is why these sentences were all very important in my journey to find myself again. It wasn't until I traveled to London last year that I started exploring myself and be comfortable in my own skin. The second projections are based on visuals that are tied to my journey: childhood memories images that represent the past, personal sketches of places from my bachelor university which was a transitional phase for me, Photos of all the things that were present in my wallet (train ticket, money, goldsmiths card, egyptian drivers license) and finally screenshots from all the tasks that I was working on at the moment of the project such as the file manager, Xcode, Maya, etc.. which represents the present. The last projections are an abstract representation of time. My intention here is to make a visual piece that is inspired by visual illusions that shows how time can be sort of an illusion and how time can be overwhelming yet beautiful and colorful.

Technical Description

Everything was created by openframeworks/C++. The first set I worked with typography and time to create a fading of effect of letters where the letters are only completely visible in a short period of time. This relates to the concept of time and memories. The letters appear in a sequence and drawn in a way that people can follow the sentence if they focus on it. Sometimes letters can overlapp which also connects to the idea of fading memories. I used 3 different shapes that interchange (circles, squares and lines) with a probability. The lines are made in a way as if it is a noise/scribble and is the least frequent. The second set I worked with images and I was trying to create effect that are inspired by vintage TVs. So the different effects that I created by manipulating 2D vectors are: Shuffle or TV noise, Moving Grain, Frame Jitter Effect and Pixelating Effect. The images are loaded in sequences and the different effects are applied with accoding to a certain probability. The last set, I used the curve vertex to create the wave visual. For the circular movement of rectangles, I used the rotate/transform as well as gradual color manipulation to create this visual illusion effect

Future development

I think I want to work more with the coded vintage TV effects and try to include videos. For the words animations, I think I want to experiment with different fonts and add more text manipulations. I would also want to try to add interactivity in the projection: Gesture recognition or sound manipulation that makes this piece unique to each user.


Theo Papatheodorou, Workshops In Creative Coding 1
Moving RectsSource, Custom FBO source, Pulsating Rings, Organic Typography, Loading Images