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Typo Play

This project is about playing projection mapping by different forms of typography.

produced by: Shiqi Dong


I am interested in the graphic design area. Typography is one of the elements of that. So I was thinking about how I can use the text to do some joyful projection. Basically, this project emerges with some homework that I submitted before and other people's code. I modified certain parts of the original piece. There will be four scenes in this project. The last scene doesn’t have typography elements, which is a surprise at the end.



Concept and background research

The first scene was inspired by the Matrix Movie 🎥 . The green alphabets flowing down from the top of the screen constantly. I want to reproduce this scene in my project. So I searched for some tutorials about it. I learn the code from Kiyoshinakauchi's website. But I did not use the original symbols, I loaded some traditional Chinese numbers as the current which looks interesting.

The second scene was inspired by the random walk. I changed the round point to the "a,b,c,d,e,f,g..." and I loaded a picture which was a painting of Rembrandt. So the walking letters will extract the color value from the picture. Finally, it will become a painting that consists of letters.

The text of the third one is my name. That was made by different size of particles. During the projecting, the particles will wave around according to the sin();

The final one was inspired by the method using sin() and cos() draw circle. I plan to draw a loop circle from small to big. Each circle was made of small particles. They randomly move back and forth during the show.



I use the font, sin, noise, random, class... The most fun section was how to set the background false and set the background color with a certain color. Also, loaded the different typography from the outside is fun. Seeing the familiar alphabets showed on the screen is my purpose.

Self evaluation

I think it is difficult for me to code. But I will try to make it interesting.


Theo, Lab Assignments ( Ramdom walk, "Goldsmiths" flicking points, draw sun by sin,cos